Non-Salt Systems

Plumb Perfect offers two choices for non-salt systems.

  • Flow Tech Home Anti-Scale System
  • Pelican’s NaturSoft System

Below are the benefits of Salt-Free Water Softening

  • Zero waste water
  • Leaves in beneficial minerals
  • Naturally softened water without salt
  • Conditioned water without the slippery feel
  • Prevents / removes hard water scale from plumbing and appliances
  • A no salt water softener saves you money, learn how!
  • Great for lawn and gardens; Better drinking water for pets
  • Confidence in buying from the leader in salt-free technology
  • 89% of America has hard water, do you?

Flow Tech Home Anti-Scale System induces a low frequency signal that is pulsed several thousand times per second and propagated throughout your entire plumbing system.  This electromagnetic signal reverses the charge on the minerals that are dissolved in the water.  This new state forces the minerals to form seed crystals that remain in suspension and are harmlessly washed away with the waste water.  Watch this video on Flow Tech’s features and benefits.


Plumb Perfect’s other choice is the Pelican NaturSoft System.  It is a salt-free water softener certified 99.6% effective in preventing scale buildup by removing hard water scale from plumbing and appliances.  Your home’s water pipes will be protected from corrosion and you’ll experience cleaner dishes and clothes.  By naturally softening water without the use of salt, the Pelican NaturSoft system generates zero waste water. That means no salt brine or harmful chemicals are discharged into the environment. The system also requires no electricity, which further reduces your environmental footprint.

Pelican Water Filtration Systems provides the new standard in home filtration and salt free water softening products. Quality, innovation and proven performance are the reasons Pelican Water Systems are enjoyed by so many families across the world. With today’s water supply becoming increasingly contaminated with each passing day, conservation of our fresh water supply has never been so important. It’s time to see and feel the Pelican Difference for yourself!

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