Chromium-6 Systems

As reported on Channel 2 news, Chromium 6 is a major issue with the drinking water in the Houston area. Chromium-6 is the chemical made infamous by the movie “Erin Brockovich.”   Chromium 6 has been linked to various forms of cancer, reproductive problems and liver problems and developmental issues in children.

Complete chromium 6 filtration Systems

The city of Houston’s water ranks third in the country in terms of high levels of chromium-6.  The City of Houston Utility District No. 5 has 20 samples tested with 12 of those testing positive for Chromium 6 with an average of .22 ppb. The highest readings for Chromium 6 registered at 1.2 ppb at Kingwood’s Mills Branch plant.  Concentrations above 0.02 ppb has been proven to increase the rate of cancer in animals.

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By filtering chlorine, chloramines, and other contaminants, you’ll enjoy cleaner, spring-like water from every tap in the house. Enjoy softer skin and hair, free of the drying effects of chemicals. And savor the difference in the kitchen, by cooking and brewing coffee and tea with tastier, filtered water.

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