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BACK 2 BASICS MINISTRY is a non-profit 501(c)(3) ministry that brings the love of God to abused, neglected, and forgotten people. We provide healthy, loving relationships, and address individual spiritual, emotional, and material needs. We focus primarily on, but not limited to, teenagers in Harris and Montgomery County shelters, mental health facilities, foster homes, and similar systems, as well as those on the streets.

Some of the methods and activities to accomplish our mission may include the following:

  • Spend time with the teens and fill the role of a spiritual mom and/or family.
  • Provide opportunities for local Bible studies, church services, Christian concerts & events, roller-skating, bowling, dining out, weekly trips to the beauty salon, and many other fun, life-enriching activities.
  • Provide a transitional home for young moms and their babies.
  • Volunteers lead Bible studies weekly for anyone interested.
  • Welcome each new teen to the shelter with a teddy bear, special pillowcase, or other item to help give comfort in their new home/temporary shelter.
  • Visit those teens that may be in the hospital, juvenile hall, or jail.
  • Provide teens with Bibles, Christian magazines, books, music, etc; and furnish wholesome, uplifting movies and games for group entertainment.
  • Each teen receives a birthday present on or near his/her birthday. We also organize and host regularly scheduled birthday parties (see the Birthday page).
  • Each teen receives a Christmas present on or just prior to Christmas day.
  • Donations are collected for new and nearly new clothes to provide the teens with contemporary, stylish and quality clothes to help boost their self-image, primarily during the school year.
  • As authorities permit, we send teens to local church camps and provide all the necessary supplies.
  • The mentor-ship program and individual interaction continue as much as possible with each teen even after they are adopted or placed into a foster home.

For more info or prayer please call:  832-892-0858

Get Involved

We have lots of way you can help us with our events. Click the button below to find out how to become a volunteer.

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